5'11 fish

This board was built for speed and fishy loosness. It is so fast that you feel like you are riding on ice. And, because your board is built in wood, it will have more drive, flow, and carry through than anything you have ever ridden before. From the moment you start paddling, you will notice how the board builds and holds speed. With the beautiful hand-foiled wood twin keels from Larry Gephart, you get not only the speed and drive of a 42, but also that smooth traditional feel of a fish.

This fish was originally built for stock as a daily rider. Since then, we have made the switch to epoxy for our riders.

When we shape your 42 Fish, we start with 100% wood blanks that we build and chamber from locally grown and sustainably harvested wood. In many cases, we actually select the tree, harvest it, go over it with Matt, our local sawyer, to make sure that we get the best possible blank wood, and then mill, chamber, and glue up your blank. And that is all before we start shaping!

With its 100% organic core, hand-foiled Gephart marine-ply keels, beautiful deep gloss finish and show-stopping abalone inlays, the 42 Fish is certain to be the most beautiful board on the beach. As fun as it is to ride though, your time on the beach may be minimal.

Dimensions: 5'11", 21.5", N 17", T 17"

Core: Locally grown fir and spruce, fully chambered

Fins: Twin Larry Gephart keels in marine ply

Glass: 6+4 Top, 6 Bottom, the board pictured has a glossed and polished finish with a 42 logo in sustainably harvested abalone, glassed at Cascade Performance Glassing

Price: SOLD

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