6'9 Single Fin

This board was built for speed and drive. On top of feeling the water drive off the bottom of this back-to-the-future head-turner, you feel the Greenough Flex Fin load up and slingshot you out of the turn and drive you into the next one. It is so comfortably fast that you feel like you can make any section. And yet, because the board is built in wood, it slides into waves earlier, has a higher top speed, and is more comfortable at that speed than anything else I've ever ridden.

Based on your size and surfing style, we'll custom-shape your 42 Single Fin to fit you like a glove. We can also set this basic shape up with three, four, or five fins depending on your needs. However we fine tune it though, this speed machine will absorb chatter from chop on the face and will never bog out at the bottom of a reeling eight footer like your 15 year-old neighbor’s flexi-plexi. This board has DRIVE! Like all 42 Surfboards, you will notice how our Single Fin builds and holds speed. It is like accelerating a full-blown freight train. What you do with all that speed and power is up to you. With the 42 Single Fin, you are riding a time machine built in timeless materials.

When we shape your 42 Single Fin, we start with 100% wood blanks that we build from locally grown wood.

At 42 Surfboards, we believe that making the most durable boards possible is the best first step towards taking care of our environment. And we believe that we are making the highest quality surfboards you can buy today. If you aren’t satisfied when it gets to your house, or if you don’t like how it rides, return to us and we will fix it, replace it, or refund your money. For a reasonable charge we are also happy to make any repairs that you need due normal wear and tear, falling down the stairs, getting washed over the jetty, or just loving your board to death.

With the its 100% organic core, timeless Greenough flex fin and beautiful finish, the 42 Single Fin is certain to be the most beautiful board on the beach.

Dimensions: 6'9", 21.5", N 16.25", T 15.5", 2.75"

Core: Fir and Spruce in a bomber configuration. No strength spared here!

Fin: 9" George Greenough A4 Flex Fin

Glass: 6+4 Top, 6 Bottom, the board pictured has a sanded finish with no logos whatsoever, very understated and classy, glassed at North Pacific

Price: SOLD

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