7'+ twin keel fish

This is Jenny's new magic board. It was designed for speed, speed, and more speed. With the Twin Keel set-up it likely to be the fastest board Jenny has ever ridden. And with some top-secret fine-tuning, it should also be loose, have more drive, flow, and carry through than anything else in the water. Like all 42 Surfboards, Jenny will notice how her Twin-Keel Fish builds and holds speed. With the hand-foiled Larry Gephart keels from True Ames, this board will be among the fastest in the water in anything from double-ankle to double overhead. With the 100% organic core, an illustrious Resin Research crystal clear epoxy finish, and heart-stopping abalone inlays, your Twin-Keel is certain to be the most beautiful board on the beach.

Here at 42 Surfboards, we are American surfers shaping wood surfboards. That's all we do. We’d like to shape you a board that will last you the rest of your life. We’d like to shape you a board that is beautiful, unique, and is more than something you just surf on. Although we know that you will love surfing it.

42 Surfboards are hand-shaped from blanks that we build ourselves. Our blanks are as organic as they come and at 42, your surfboard blank isn’t going to kill anyone. Our blanks are built from sustainably harvested wood and are chambered as radically as any in history. This gives you a remarkably beautiful and strong surfboard that, with a little love and a little luck, will last you the rest of your life.

Everybody has had a magic surfboard. A board that was better than anything else they have ever ridden. If that had been a 42 Surfboard, it would still be around and you would still be riding it today!

Life is short. You are good. Ride a board that makes you proud.

Dimensions: 7'+", 21.5"

Core: Eight year-old poplar, fully chambered

Fins: Larry Gephart Twin Keels in marine ply by True Ames Fin Co.

Glass: 6+4 Top, 6 Bottom, Resin Research Epoxy, speed finish, logo in sustainably harvested abalone, glassed at Cascade Performance Glassing. Beautiful.

Price: SOLD

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