Custom 8'5 rounded pin for Jim

This is Jim's second board of the week. And he already has another one on the wish list...

Keep in mind that beauty isn't everything! Our goal is for your 42 Surfboard to be the easiest surfboard on the environment. At 42 Surfboards, the environment comes first. It just doesn’t matter how groovy your van is or how bushy your beard is, if you are going through boards as fast as some of our friends are going through their sticks of foam, you’re just not walking the walk. At 42 Surfboards we are building boards that you will be able to pass on to your grandchildren. If you’re ready to give them up at that point.

Here at 42 Surfboards, we’d like to give you something that is really hard to find these days. We’d like to give you a wood surfboard hand-shaped by American surfers. We’d like to give you a board that is beautiful, unique, and is more than something you just surf on. Although we know that you will love surfing it.

42 Surfboards are hand-shaped from blanks that we build ourselves. Our blanks are as organic as they come and at 42, your surfboard blank isn’t going to kill anyone. Our blanks are built from sustainably harvested wood and are chambered as radically as any in history. This gives you a remarkably beautiful and strong surfboard that, with a little love and a little luck, will last you the rest of your life.

Everybody has had a magic surfboard. Given the right day, there is a good chance that this will be Jim's magic board.

At 42 Surfboards, disposable boards just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Nor are toxic boards made from the same old poisonous soup that has been used since the early ‘60s. By hand-shaping local wood into beautiful high performance surfboards, our goal is to change the very paradigm of choosing a surfboard. Instead of choosing the quick and easy, the cheap and sleazy, the pop-out molded spray-painted cookie cutter foam toy, we want you to think a little. Think about the long-term cost. The environmental cost. The aesthetic cost. The social cost. And then go with the choice that is simply better by nature.

Dimensions: 8'5", 21.5

Core: Beautiful white fir and western red cedar. Fully chambered and vented.

Fins: Bamboo canard quads magically foiled by Marlin at 101 Fins
Glass: 6+6 Top, 6 Bottom, Resin Research Epoxy, sanded speed finish, logo in sustainably harvested abalone, blank and shape by 42. Glass by Gary and Fred at Cascade.

Price: $4500

In the shaping bay: Longboards and Diamond Tails.
At the glasser: Longboards.
Board prices: $4500 for 8'-10'
In the water: Tomorrow is supposed to be epic. 16 feet at 16 seconds. A long backside point. I love my home!

Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving!

Life is short. You are good. Ride a board that makes you proud.

More wood to come....

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