Custom fish for Chris

Chris originally bought a fish from 42 early this summer. Fedex ran a forklift through it and it took almost two months before we knew whether we were going to send Chris a check or a new board. Insurance stuff. In the mean time, Chris begged us to not send his money back and just keep his spot in line for another fish. This is where it gets tricky when you shape in wood. If we were building foam boards, I would have just chucked a blank up on the stands, shaped and glassed it and had a new one to him by the end of the month. Wood is different. Some of our boards take over six months between concept and completion!!
Chris' fish was built to his spec's but to our satisfaction. Like everything else we build, it will get him into waves early, give him a stable platform for traditional high speed carving, and hopefully be something that will stay in the family for a long time. Beautifully built in Coastal Oregon Sitka Spruce, it will be very fast in even the smallest surf, cruise well, and attract at least as much attention on the beach as it does in the water.
How do I know this? I have one myself.

I have surfed this shape in everything between knee-high and double overhead plus and it is fantastic!

Core: Sitka Spruce

Fins: Canard Quads from Marlin down at 101 Fins. Bamboo, of course.

Glass: 4+4 plus 4 oz patches Top, 4 Bottom, Resin Research Epoxy, sanded speed finish, logo in hand-cut sustainably harvested abalone, blank, shape and glass by 42. Finish coat by Cascade Performance Glassing. Finish sanding by 42.

Price: $4500

In the water: Cannon Beach on Friday, Hiking up on Mount Hood on Saturday.
Thoughts: I really enjoy making nice boards for nice people!

Life is short. You are good. Ride a board that makes you proud.

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