Custom longboard for Justin

Justins 9'3" longboard was built for speed and glide. Although it is beautifully built in Eastern Oregon Poplar, this is a modern longboard that is designed to be surfed. Notice, I did not say that this is a modern "high performance" longboard. This is not a thruster-crutch. This is a longboarder's longboard. It is fast down the line, noserides well, and could easily be your last and only board.

Dimensions: 9'3", 18 3/4"N,
23 1/8", 13 3/4"T

Core: Eastern Oregon Poplar

Fin: Josh Farbarow large-based 9.5" Flex Fin by True Ames Fin Co.

Glass: 4+4 Top, 4 Bottom, Resin Research Epoxy, sanded speed finish, logo in sustainably harvested abalone, blank, shape and glass by 42. Beautiful.

Price: SOLD

Thoughts: Crossfoot up onto the nose and stand there proud!

Life is short. You are good. Ride a board that makes you proud.

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