Custom longboard for Kassen

This board was built for speed and glide. Although it is beautifully built in traditional materials, this is a modern longboard that is designed to be surfed. It is fast down the line, noserides well, and could easily be your last and only board. We have surfed this shape in everything between one and twenty feet and it is fantastic! Based on your size and surfing style, we custom shape your longboard to fit you like a glove. However we shape it though, this speed glider will absorb chatter from chop on the face but will never bog down in the flats like some of its foam cousins. With all of our boards you will notice how they build and hold speed. Riding a 42 Longboard is like accelerating a full-blown freight train. What you do with all that speed and power is up to you. It is smooth. With the 100% wood construction, this board will blow your mind with its drive, flow, and speed in the water. With the 100% organic core, beauty worthy of a 1939 Italian raceboat, and heart-stopping abalone inlays, your 42 Longboard’s timeless beauty is certain to make it the most beautiful board on the beach.

Post-glassing photos from somewhere other than our sanding rooms are on their way...

Dimensions: 9'3"

Core: Oregon Fir, fully chambered

Recommended Fin: 9.5"-10.5" Josh Farbarow Flex Fin by True Ames

Glass: 6+6 Top, 6 Bottom, glassed in crystal clear Resin Research Epoxy, sanded finish, logo in sustainably harvested abalone

Price: SOLD

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