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I got this shot from Claus the other day. He is a South African transplant living right up the road in British Columbia. He has been looking for a board with a bit more paddle power than his current 9'1, something that reminded him of his original John Whitmore.

The board that he is riding in this shot from the mid-sixties was shaped from one of the first batches of Clark foam to reach Cape Town. The photographer was a friend named Peter Roberts. Water temp around 52 degrees - no wetsuit - "but hey it was the first time I had an opportunity to ride my new board".

Claus normally surfs in South Africa or spots like Carlsbad or La Jolla. These days he says "I am happy in the small beach breaks – in the 1960s 70s in Cape Town I was happy on the bigger point breaks and reefs around the Cape. I was with one of the first parties to ever surf Jeffrey’s Bay. I did on one the earliest Clarke foam blanks to enter South Africa at the time a few months after the premier of Endless Summer. I still have the original poster from the Endless Summer here on my basement wall. So I guess I’m a real old timer."

When Claus found 42 Surfboards' chambered wood longboards, he was stoked. Now he is going to pay us a visit this spring once we get moved into the new shop. If he's lucky, there will be a longboard in the rack that looks just perfect. If not, he'll have to order one just like everybody else.

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