Garrett Lisi's new fish

We build this board for Garret Lisi for those days when, after a morning of solving the mysteries of the universe, he needs a little extra glide to paddle into the wave and want to play around a little once he is on the face. Not quite a longboard day, but definitely conditions where a little extra glide is nice. With single into double concave, set up with the classic twin keels, and shaped in sitka spruce, this board is designed for a mellow day of flow and drive. And at the end of the wave, Garrett can kick out and get to enjoy the beauty of the sitka spruce's deep and natural grain. Simply beautiful.

Length: 6'10"
Nose: full
Width: 21 1/2"
Tail: wide
Thickness: 2 1/2"
Fins: Twin keels from 101 Fins. Hand-foiled by Marlin Bacon in Bamboo
Bottom: single concave fading into a double concave out the tail
Logo: sustainably harvested abalone in a piercing shade of hyper-intelligent blue
Price: $4500
Drop us a line at if you want to talk about ordering a board like Garrett's or placing an order for something else.

1 comment:

garrett said...

Thanks Lars, looks beautiful--can't wait to ride it!