6'3" Twin Keel Fish - SOLD

This is the Black Sun Fish in honor of Edward Abbey's book "Black Sun". Except for the shallow single concave bottom fading into a shallow double concave between the fins, this is the stereotypical retro fish. Ok, except it is 100% wood. These are not wood skinned boards. Not built from wood kits. These boards are built from our sitka spruce, milled, cut, glued, shaped and chambered with one thing in mind: you flying down the line on the coolest board you have ever set foot on.

Length: 6'3"
Nose: 16 3/4"
Width: 21 7/8"
Tail: 17 1/2"
Thickness: 2 1/2"
Fins: Snappy twin keels from 101 Fins. Hand-foiled in Bamboo
Bottom: shallow single concave fading into a shallow double concave out the tail
Logo: sustainably harvested blue abalone
Price: Boards like this one are $4500

Drop us a line at if you want to talk about ordering one of the boards you see here or placing an order for something else.

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